Course designed to help CEFR A2 students develop their language skills and move up from pre-intermediate to intermediate level focusing on the four linguistic skills. We develop a metalanguage project along with the lessons to help students increase their vocabulary  by using several strategies.

The main goal is to make students more independent learners as they dive into a well-structured and thought-provoking set of lessons.

Course designed to develop lawyers´ power of using legal terms with confidence.

This course makes an intermediate student to move forward to improving his or her skills in the language. The main focus is to develop awareness on speaking with confidence.

Designed to unlock the knowledge students have been accumulating throughout the time. The classes take into consideration students have already covered the major issues of grammar and have a good grasp of vocabulary, but fail sometimes either for lack of practice or unconsolidated structures.

Individual analysis of Perfil do Seu Inglês helps tailor the key factors to be worked out.

Pre-intermediate English course for young adults and adults.

Course designed to help students improve their pronunciation and articulation of English.